Resource Management Techniques and Web Technology Question Paper May 2013

Subject : Resource Management Techniques and Web Technology
Subject Code : UCCK
Exam Date : May 2013
University : Madras Unversity
Mode of Education : Distance

Part A - (3 mark) Write any 10

1. Write any three characteristic of O.R
2. Define the term basic feasible solution
3. Write the use of artificial variables in LPP
4. State any two difference between transportation problem and a assignment problem
5. Give an example of sequencing model.
6. How does network analysis help in project work
7. What are the elements of simulation model
8. List out controls of ASP.Net
9. Define page event
10. Write the syntax of Javascript
11. What is style sheet
12. Write the rules for creating styles

Part B - (5 mark) Write any 5

13. Problem

14. Write down the dual of the following LPP mazimize problem.
15. Solve the following assignment problem to find the maximum total expected sale for 4 x 4 matrix.

16. Compare the Cpm and Pert
17. At a telephone booth, suppose that the customers arrive time of 1.2 time units between one arrival and the next. Service time pre assumed to be 2.8 time units. Simulate the system for 12 time units by assuming that the system starts at t=0. What is the averahe waiting time per customer.
18. Define Data Sheet. Write the connection code to connect OLEDB provider.
19. Define frameset. How to split the table in HTML

Part C - (10 mark) Write any 4

20. Use Simplex method to solve the LPP Maximize  problem.
21. Use Big M method to maximize rhe the given equation.
22. Explain the nature of a travelling salesman problem and give its mathematical formulation.
23. What is Mante-Carlo simulation ? Summarize the procedure of it.
24. Explain the concepts involved in HTML server control ASP.Net
25.  What is CSS ? What are the benefits of using CSS ? Explain in Detail..